Alien: Isolation discovers a Safe Haven in new DLC

Alien: Isolation discovers a Safe Haven in new DLC


Have you ever wanted to find a nice cosy, safe place to hole up and hide?

Alien: Isolation’s new DLC, Safe Haven, will allow you to do just that. So, for £5.59 in the UK, what are you getting for your money?

Well, this newly released DLC includes an all-new Salvage Mode, which tasks you to complete ten challenges within a time limit, all while playing hide and seek with a murderous xenomorph with acid for blood. Sounds easy, right, what’s the catch? You’ve only got one life to do this with and while dying will take you back to your last saved challenge, you final score will suffer, so if you want to be king of that particular castle, you’ll need all of your survival skills.

As with the previous DLC, you’ll get to play with a new character. Hughes, Sevastopol’s Communications Officer, who happens to be one of the first characters you’ve encountered, is your avatar this time. Get faster access to the Bolt Gun, EMP Mine and Shotgun as Hughes, and take your choice from Gemini Systems or the Bacchus Apartments to complete your tasks.

Safe Haven also introduces another new game mode, Marathon. This allows you to play Survivor Mode maps in any order you please.

If your nerves can take it, have a look at the release trailer below, then get on in there and see if you can top that leaderboard.

Alien: Isolation- Safe Haven DLC is out now.