Amazon muscles in on EGX

As far as I can remember, GAME have always been on hand to sell the latest games and preorders to those that attend EGX – now Amazon has muscled in on the action.

The show returns to the NEC in Birmingham this year, taking place between September 22-25 and rather than just sell punters a gaming fix, Amazon are helping to market EGX, pushing adverts via their website, app and social media.

The focus of their marketing push will be a central hub on the Amazon website, featuring twitch live-streams and information about all the games in attendance at the show – there’s also going to be monthly giveaways to win tickets to EGX.

Rupert Loman, CEO of EGX’s parent company Gamer Network commented:

We asked our community where they prefer to buy and pre-order their games and Amazon was overwhelmingly their number one choice. Their obsessive focus on customer experience fits perfectly with our attendees’ discerning taste. We’re extremely pleased to have the backing of another market-leading partner.

You can buy tickets for the show right now.


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