Another Huge Injustice:Gods Among Us News Dump

Another Huge Injustice:Gods Among Us News Dump

Sinestro Screenshot

So it has been yet another amazing week on the Injustice hype train that just refuses to die. The results from Injustice Battle Arena Week 3 are in, two new characters are confirmed, and week 4 of Battle Arena is being heartily discussed by celebrities and fans alike.

Let’s start with the results of week 3 of the insanely fun Injustice Battle Arena. You may remember our story on last week’s discussion of these battles. Well it’s time for the results.

The first fight features ‘King of Atlantis’, Aquaman. He takes on popular Teen Titan, Cyborg.

Next up is the man who holds Green Lantern’s light…Green Lantern. He tests his might against the possibly undead Solomon Grundy. You finally get some long awaited Green Lantern gameplay here, enjoy.


The announcement of week 4’s Battle Arena confirmed two more characters that are going to duke it out for our enjoyment. This video reveals that the fear inducing Sinestro and the flying nuisance, Hawkgirl will be punching and kicking their way to our consoles this April. They take on Superman and Green Arrow respectively.

As well as fans, some well-known celebrities were quizzed on who they thought the potential winners of the next battle would be. Queue Tara Strong and Wayne Brady, star of DC TV show Arrow, Stephen Amell, and wondernerds supreme, Jason Mewes and Kevin Smith.

Injustice hits stores April 23rd in North America, and April 26th in Europe.