Another January patch for Rainbow Six Siege

Another January patch for Rainbow Six Siege


Patch 1.2 will go live for Xbox One today, which we reported on last week. Ubisoft have also announced that patch 1.3 will be with us by the end of January!

Releasing January 20, the next patch will address several errors including passing through walls and improved hit registration. You can check out the full 1.3 patch notes over on the official forums.

Ubisoft have also developed new measures to punish those unsporting CTU operatives. Effective immediately, cheaters will receive a three-day suspension for their first offence and possible permanent bans for persistent abuse.

There will also be consequences for defenders looking to get the drop on the attackers and venture outside during the preparation stage – instant death – this will be trialled on Xbox One and then rolled out to PC and PS4 should it prove a successful deterrent.