Assassin’s Creed 3 – Join or Die Edition for XBOX 360: Better Than The Standard Game?

Assassin's Creed III - Join or Die Edition

Assassin’s Creed III – Join or Die Edition

The Assassin’s Creed franchise is an action-adventure series of games, available on multiple gaming platforms, revolving around a certain era, set in an open world game-play mode, following a protagonist in third-person, creating a life, fighting battles and overcoming challenging quests. The latest addition is no different. Assassins Creed 3 takes you into the past and has proved to be another strong showing for Ubisoft with the main story taking place during the American Revolution, the game impressing fans with its strong narrative, excellent game-play visuals and overall entertainment.

With any game’s popularity, the idea of spin-offs, add-ons and extra editions provides another challenge, a way to keep the magic going and Join or Die is no exception to this rule. The Join or Die collector’s edition includes two figurines, particular multi-player perks and extra in-game missions that ramp up the excitement.

The Join or Die edition, like the other special collector’s editions, contains a retail copy of the game, a medallion resembling one of the protagonist’s models, the notebook of George Washington as well as the Ghost Of War single-player mission and an additional multi-player character, Sharpshooter.

The medallion is a strong part of the gaming franchise and is 8cm in diameter, engraved with the symbol of the assassins and is a must-have for true fans. The notebook is a great piece of merchandise for those who consider themselves massive fans of the franchise as it includes a look at some of the exclusive artwork behind the series, an assortment of special codes as well as inside stories of the revolution, adding a different dimension to the game and overall experience.

The Ghost of War mission follows Connor as he sneaks aboard the HMS Windermere to retrieve some important cargo. He must sink the ship and kill the captain; the level includes the user having to fight through the ship as well as avoiding cannon fire. The Sharpshooter character is an expert with firearms, covered in brown garments and equipped with a musket. Another perk of the special edition is the access it gives the user to Obwandiyag’s War Club, a slow, but heavy, weapon.

Additionally, the Sharpshooter character comes with extra elements for the multi-player experience, adding an extra relic, another emblem, a special picture and finally, a new title: The Jester.

For those who can afford to pay a little more for the collector’s edition, it’s worth the money and features all that makes the original game great with added bonuses. The packaging is attractive as well, completing the overall look and appeal, making this a perfect extra edition, going above and beyond in order to cater to the budding customer.

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