Assassins Creed 3: The Tyranny of King Washington: The Betrayal Review

Episode 2 takes Connor from the barren lands of the Frontier back into Boston, not necessarily willingly, creating much more coherent storyline, and a overall better experience than the previous episode allowing much more interesting gameplay intertwined with a story that has now found its feet.

Now back in Boston, and a prison cell, we meet Benjamin Franklin, Putnam and King George at their worst as they precede to cement their rule over the New America. By far the best character is George Washington himself as the complete juxtaposition of his role in American history and the game with this new creation makes the impact of his words and actions much more convincing and effective . Without ruining anything, Connor encounters more heartache through this adventures as well as the combination of working with people that, in this new world, he has never encountered before. The story feels more brisk and to the point, as you see Connor having to change his actions to the new circumstances he now finds himself in.

The new ability that Connor gains, again thanks to a magic tree, allows him to ‘fly’ to rooftops in the form of an eagle to allow fast travel and a different take on getting around the city. This will very much be the Marmite of this episode as it brings in huge freedom whilst destroying the need to ever clamber around the buildings; whether that a good or bad thing will be left up to you. The combination of the two powers, the new ‘eagle’ power and the wolf pack that originated from the past episode, actually compliments Connor as an assassin than it did. This is thanks to the fact that there are now more opportunities to use them in different ways rather than the rudimentary stealth sections used in the first episode.Assassins-Creed-3-The-Tyranny-of-King-Washington_The-Betrayal-3

Again the same flaws that dogged the first episode are here again, with exploration never really needed, and missions, though more varied this time, can still become repetitive quickly. A bizarre side note is the fact that, throughout this, Connor wears his Native Indian dress (which happens to be made from a dead animal) in and around Boston; surely, regardless of how much he blended in, this would be pretty distinctive for anyone looking for him?!

All in all, Episode 2 builds on the wobbly start that Episode 1 created and allows better character development and a far more natural flow to proceedings thanks to the groundwork already being laid out. The characters that we are used to being ‘the good guys’ have been designed in a way that there complete change of personalities is perfectly feasible than thanks to the Piece of Eden and George Washington, even making it go so far that Connor and the player feel sorry for these men that have fallen so far after having the perceived will to do so much good. The ending of the episode is tantalising and a perfect cliff-hanger, and has the potential to set up an amazing ending; if the final episode can continue this momentum than there looks to be a promising conclusion to this 3
episode arc.

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