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Black ops 3 classes – it’s a scrubs life

Black Ops 3 Title

I have become death, the destroyer of scrubs Call of Duty returned to us once again in November ’15 and this edition has certainly recaptured some of what was lost in the last two iterations in my opinion (you are of course welcome to your own). I find myself feverish if I haven’t played it […]

Cloud gaming – get excited for it

Anyone who picked up my piece on Xbox exclusives may remember that I am taking my gaming to another level of addiction this year, really stepping up to fill every hour I can with the stack of brilliant games now out on the Xbox one, not to mention the ones upcoming this year. Hows it going […]

Exacerbated Xbox fans face second delay on exclusive

Hot on the heels of Scalebound being pushed to 2017 we have wind of an announcement that ReCore has been pushed back to the end of the year. It will also be making its way to PC via windows 10 and is scheduled for this year too – erm… thats not how exclusives work people. come on. ReCore […]

Gerald of the Year Awards

2016 is well underway and what a year it’s lining up to be. Some of the biggest AAA titles we have been patiently waiting for are scheduled for release this year, but before we run away with what’s coming up let’s have quick recap of 2015 from the Game of the Year Awards. Great scot, […]

Star Wars Battlefront: 12 million strong and counting

Star Wars mania has been unavoidable. The new film was the smash hit of the Holiday period and it now seems possible to have a Star Wars product for every walk of life, from new toys to a R2-D2 air humidifier nothing has been left untouched by Disney. The Star Wars: Battlefront game has also […]

Activision aims for total eSports domination

The rapidly expanding world of eSports has certainly grabbed the attention of the money makers, in the last decade we have seen eSports grow from dim back rooms at LAN parties to a multi-million pound industry with the top events regularly having cash prizes in the millions. Recently there has been a big shift in the […]

Six exciting Xbox One exclusives in 2016

I have just purchased a new lounge chair, some fleece trousers, sore cream and a hemorrhoids pillow. Why you may ask, “have you been struck ill?” “In a horrible accident?”  No, none of that. I just like being prepared and as this year’s line up of exclusives for the Xbox One is so frigging good, […]

New to multiplayer madness? Maximise your mayhem with a few tips

“Come on man, your ADS after sprinting is too slow with that weapon, plus your DPS is low compared with an SMG in a CQB situation.” “……Er, What?” This was the exchange I had with a friend playing online the other day. It was then that I had the somewhat obvious realisation that not everybody has […]

Christmas Gunplay

Yes it’s still November, but, Hark the herald angels sing “Glory to the new-born king” …of Christmas gunplay games that is! Damn, wouldn’t you know it but it’s nearly bloody Christmas again, and with the arrival of the festive season just around the corner our wish list is littered with all the pre-crimbo games we’ve […]