Badland Game of the Year Edition coming soon to Xbox One


Don’t you love the ID@Xbox program? It’s hopefully going to give some of the great games from the Xbox 360 or, indeed, some other platforms, a new lease of life and a new army of fans on the Xbox One.

Frogmind’s hit, from mainly mobile platforms, Badland, has been announced for Xbox One through the aforementioned ID@Xbox program.

This is coming in the spring of this year and will benefit from being saddled with the much vaunted Game of the Year Edition mantle.

What does this mean for Badland? It means that it will come with 4 times more content than the original release did. Apple’s 2013 Game of the Year has been revamped for the Xbox One with hand painted full HD visuals and the controls have been optimised for the One’s analog stick and triggers and each level has been tweaked to accommodate these enhancements.

So, what is Badland? It’s a side-scrolling action/adventure with physics-based gameplay. Utilise the environment, avoid the traps, try not to get squished. You’ll have to have quick reflexes and a keen eye for that all-important safe path through playing this though. Are you up to the task?

Don’t take my word for it though, have a look at the Xbox One release trailer and make your own minds up.

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