Battlefield 1943 comes to Xbox Backward Compatibility

This one really brings back some fond memories. Battlefield 1943 was probably the first online multiplayer shooter that this gamer can remember playing, and not sucking at! And, if you owned previously or have EA Access the game it now available for free with the magic of the Xbox Backwards Compatibility program.

Originally released in July 2009 and developed by EA Dice, Battlefield 1943 saw the player as as either being Marines with the United States Marine Corps or with the Imperial Japanese Navy and was a 24 v 24 multiplayer only game with three maps: Wake Island, Guadalcanal, and Iwo Jima. After all players collectively reached 43 million kills, players received access to an additional Coral Sea map.

If you’ve not managed to pick this up previously click here to purchase on the Xbox site.

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