Battlefield 4 gets new UI

It’s fair to say that Battlefield 4 has come on leaps and bounds over the last 2 years. The Xbox One launch title saw frustrated players from all over the world suffer with numerous issues with the game. With issues such as latency and outrageous glitches it seemed that only hardcore fans stumped up the extra cash for the premium subscription (me being one of them).

Over time DICE sent out numerous updates and fixes and it seems as though a lot of the issues were fixed in time to save the reputation of the game. DICE have always had their sights on a unified UI for the Battlefield games and it seems Battlefield 4 is the first to see the development put into action.



As you can see the screen is now less cluttered with effects and is a lot easier to read and navigate. You still get the links for news and updates, there is also a nifty section where you can switch between Battlefield Hardline and the upcoming Battlefield 1. Hardline is yet to get the update but it’s on it’s way, Battlefield 1 will launch with it. The 4gb see Battlelog gone and will also add improvements to the Squad join feature making things a tad smoother than they have been.

I love the fact that the game still get’s updates and support, it could have been easy for DICE just to cut their losses and get rid but it shows dedication to the Battlefield fanbase.


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