Best Video Games With Gambling Mini Games

When it comes to gambling and gaming, you will find that somehow, they always do interlink across one another, and actually, there is not a better duo on the market to enjoy nowadays, right? Wherever you go, you will always see casino games base their concepts around the world of movies and video gaming. We have slots machines that take after some of the main elements found in video gaming, for example. All casinos show this pattern, even Canadian gambling online sites, and Vegas land based casino sites, for example. They all mimic their partners in crime, when it comes to video games and gambling themes.

Many players today love the world of video gaming and gambling, but have always seemed to separate the two for different experiences. That is what we are here for, right now. We are going to show you some of the best video gaming that do not separate the world of gambling from their gaming scenes, and in fact celebrate gambling as one of their main gaming themes!

Fallout: New Vegas 

Fallout New Vegas is possibly one of the best games to be released from the entire series of Fallout. This reworked game provides levelling systems and a narrative that fans thoroughly enjoyed upon its release. This game not only features great story lines however, it also provides some good access toward gambling opportunities, for those that want access to the best of both worlds. The Vegas Strip is featured within the game, and that is where all the casino venues are located and ready to be played in by gamers. You will be able to unleash your inner savvy gambler within the casinos called Ultra Luxe, Gomorrah and Tops.

The gambling games that you are able to explore during your playtime within this Fallout title, include Blackjack, Roulette, and a selected amount of slot machines. There is also an Atomic Wrangler which is in Freeside, and the Vikki in the Vence Casino, located within Primm. You will find that all payouts given out are determined by your luck of course, and despite it being themed around a post-apocalyptic world, it is good to know that gambling can still happen at full throttle!

Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy is a game that has long taken our hearts from years back, it has been a franchise that has reeled in multiple fans all over the world, super easily and has built a loyal fan base. For that reason, it actually is one of the most successful gaming titles to be released to date now. What makes this game so fascinating to gamers around the world, is the location called Gold Saucer. This place within the game is actually an amusement park, and it encompasses many mini-games that you can enjoy, and guess what? Yes, there are gambling ones too.

You will find that there are not the traditional card and table games that make gambling so exciting nowadays, Square Enix have taken it a step further and made their own gambling titles up too-how freaking exciting! The popular game which you must try if you download this for yourself, includes the Triple Triad. The Triple Triad actually gives you a slot machine vibe, where you have 3×3 grid variations filled with colour, and it is your mission to get every single card variation within the board in your own select colour, before the opponent you play against. Sure, it sounds simple enough, but it hits the spot differently.

While this game is a concept of imagination by the Final Fantasy franchise, you will not find such games outside within the gambling world that we know today. So maybe you could use this excuse and your love for the game to pursue it further and keep logging back in just to play that, when you need a rare gaming and gambling fix?

Super Mario 64

Next game in our gambling series is the much loved Super Mario Franchise. You will find that this game series has won our hearts for quite some time now, so it would not be surprising in that regard, that we were completely taken back at first, to find out there are gambling fixes within the game. While they are not your classical take on French table games, you will find that the twist and Mario style added, makes the gambling features even more entertaining, if we can say so ourselves. 

The variations of table games in Luigi’s casino are super quirky and fun. You will have the option to try out multiple slot machine games, which will of course have a theme directed to only Super Mario characters (of course). In addition to this, you are able to gamble on all the table games, slot games and card games without losing any of your coins within the game, as funnily enough, there are free play variants available too, if you are not feeling super confident. While this game is pretty old and related to the old Nintendo DS days, if you have a DS lying around somewhere in the attic, get it out and try this bad boy, as the theme and gambling variations speak for themselves. We think you will probably never look back on gambling games within traditional casinos, in the same light again!

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The last game in our recommendations, we have The Witcher gaming franchise. While the series of games are actually considered to be the best titles ever to be created, you will find that the visuals and insightful lore provided, really make a rounded user experience for any gamer. The game features have gained awards back in their day, and have managed to reel in new players to The Witcher series, all over the world-particularly for the Gwent gambling game feature.

This feature provides you the option to explore gambling games that are miniature styles, and you will essentially play multiple spell games to get a win over your opponents that seek to challenge you. The point of these gambling games is to build a recognition for yourself, when it comes to gaining points. In each round you play in, you will need to incorporate strategy to get an edge, in addition to deciphering decisions that can allow you to win, round by round. While this feature is a standalone kind of thing, you will come to see that it really adds to the game’s entertainment overall, and it is the perfect mini-game to enjoy within The Witcher 3.