Brain in a Jar Looking To Publish Indianapolis 500 Racing Game in Europe

Brain in a Jar Looking To Publish Indianapolis 500 Racing Game in Europe

Brain in a Jar, the independent UK developer specialising in racing simulation games and technology, has announced today that they have been awarded the EU rights to release a detailed and authentic simulation of the legendary Indianapolis 500 race and its associated series, which follows the development of the iconic track and the cars that raced on it between 1961 and 1971. The game has been developed for the Xbox 360 entirely by Brain in a Jar, using the developer’s own racing engine and asset teams, with historical and simulation rigour at its core – except, currently it has no publishers in the EU – and they’re looking for offers.

Brain in a Jar is looking for publishing options for the EU region and is open to offers from third parties, while also considering self-publishing channels for Xbox 360. The game, which has already been published in the US but has subsequently been updated to include 33-person multiplayer, demonstrates Brain in a Jar’s prowess in both technical simulation and accurate modeling, showing that a small but dynamic studio can produce highly accurate re-creations with minimal compromises.

Tracing an era of rapid technological development, Brain in a Jar’s historic Indianapolis title takes players from the end of the front-engine ‘roadster’ era of Indy cars to the British manufacturer invasion and the rise of mid-engine monsters, culminating with the dawn of the down-force revolution. Featuring more than 190 race cars and six historic tracks, the game also includes multiple variants of the legendary Indianapolis Motor Speedway, covering its development from brick-paved oval to modern speedway as it evolved throughout the 1960s. Other courses include Hanford, Langhorne, Milwaukee, Riverside and Trenton and car manufacturers such as Lotus, Lola, Hawk and McLaren. Rounding off the content features is the roster of legendary drivers for players to race against, which includes superstars such as A.J. Foyt, Graham Hill, Jim Clark, Mario Andretti, Al Unser and Jackie Stewart.

Carl Dalton, founder, Brain in a Jar comments “We’re looking at every option we have for getting our Indianapolis racing sim into the EU market, where there’s a huge gap for high-quality historic racing titles.” He adds, “It’s a unique product with real insight and an undeniably charming vintage flavour. It’s also an absolutely solid, adrenaline-soaked racing game, so we’re open to any offers from publishers who’d like to take on this distinctive and unique Xbox 360 title.”

Here’s hoping this hit’s retail eventually in Europe – for more information on Brain in a Jar – visit their website: