Build and fight – Fortnite launches today

Grab your pickaxe and a handful of munitions, and take to the crazy world of Fortnite, a game that combines adventure, exploration and creation into one package – oh and there are also zombies…

Launching late last week on early access, Fortnite has officially launched today and you can check out the addictive world that Epic games have created below in the launch trailer. I’ve poured countless hours into the third person shooter over the weekend, and witnessed some great cooperative gameplay (even with randoms) and some truly astounding creations built from wood, brick and metal – it’s brilliant fun.

“As we created the world of Fortnite, with its heroic moments and quirky sense of humor, we knew it would be important to have a mixture of veteran voices and exceptional new talent in order to connect the players to the game’s story,” said Creative Director Darren Sugg. “Just as we’ve built Fortnite with the players, we were honored to have a group of amazing performers become part of our community and to help us bring this brand new world to life.”

Build massive forts, fight zombies, craft and loot… what more could you want from a game!

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