Bungies ‘Destiny’ ViDoc


After a long period of darkness, Bungie is ready to unveil its new universe filled with mystery, adventure, and action. For the first time, the team, including studio co-founder and project director Jason Jones talks about its vision, and the creative process behind Destiny, Bungie’s most ambitious project yet.

Destiny is available to pre-order now from selected retailers worldwide via DestinyTheGame.com and offers some pre-order bonuses for those who are first to confirm their copies. Destiny is claimed to offer an unprecedented variety of FPS gameplay that redefines the genre and breaks traditional conventions of story, cooperative and competitive multiplayer modes.

Destiny is at least a 10 year cycle that will be updated and upgraded by both Bungie and publishers Activision, set in a persistent online world it is a future vision of our own galaxy and the story of an unknown force that almost wipes out humanity.

Check out the video below for more information.

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