BurgerTime World Tour Review

BurgerTime, featuring the one and only Peter Pepper was originally a massive hit in the early 80’s and has been brought back to life in a whole new form thanks to MonkeyPaw Games. Out now for the Xbox LIVE Arcade, BurgerTime World Tour is a retro evolution of the classic for just 800 MS Points.

If you do remember the original BurgerTime on one of the many platforms that it was released over the past few decades, BurgerTime World Tour is not simply a new skin for a new platform, but something completely different. It does still feature the same gameplay mechanics of controlling your character through a weird and wacky environment where you must avoid enemy foods and run across pieces of ingredients to try and make the perfect hamburger – but now with 3D worlds and online multiplayer this comes across as a separate game in its own right.


The Single Player game-play centres on the very active cylindrical 3D worlds offering you the chance to play as Peter Pepper or as your own Xbox LIVE Avatar. The only objective within the game is to find the scattered parts of your hamburger ingredients and make them drop down onto the plate until a whole hamburger is formed. Whilst on your way, you encounter enemy food not commonly found in hamburgers where you can try to avoid them, or attack them with your Pepper Spray to stun them. Enemies in BurgerTime World tour, unlike the original can be picked up and thrown – even at other enemies! Other new platforming elements have been included to make the game even more fun and varied such as, dangerous interactive platforms, rocket riding, power-ups, brand new weapons and Boss Battles! It is quite a fast paced gaming experience that relies heavily on quick thinking and good timing to get out of difficult spots. You do have a limited number of lives and some levels require you to complete more hamburgers than others; as a combined platforming – puzzle game, it’s highly likely you will play through the levels a number of times until you’ve mastered it. You don’t need a lot of skill, just an ample amount of will and patience. If you’re wondering by now where ‘World Tour’ comes into play – the game has fifty challenging levels spread out through four different parts of the world with environments from New York, Mexico, Paris and Tokyo. You start out with just the New York world unlocked and must complete all the challenges before being able to unlock the next corresponding world, so on, so forth.

BurgerTime with online multiplayer would have been considered almost science-fiction back in the early 80’s – but in today’s gaming world it should come as a standard. You can choose from Local Multiplayer using your own console and extra controllers or opt for the Online Multiplayer with specific multiplayer Burger Battle and Rocket Race modes available. In Burger Battle, players compete to score the most points before all burgers are completed, whereas in Rocket Race it’s a race to the finish! Stages are littered with rocket power-ups and players must use them to overcome the obstacles leading to the finish line. All multiplayer maps have been specifically designed for up to four-player gameplay and are not Single Player maps just with added players.


Whilst BurgerTime World Tour is a great re-imagined take on a very old classic, it is far from perfect visually with many of the levels looking like they’ve come straight out of a pop-up book. The character models are rife with jagged edges and playing as your own Xbox LIVE Avatar is a novelty, but he or she, can look grainy in comparison to playing as Peter Pepper who fits in more naturally to the environments. There are a lot of worse games out there for 800 MS Points, but the graphical quality of BurgerTime World Tour seems to blend in with what you would have seen from around the 2007 – 2008 period, better than your average game, but not exactly all that polished and to be honest, it looks like a Wii game on the Xbox 360 without taking advantage of the better HD power of the Xbox. If visuals to you aren’t all that important, then this is a game that you could enjoy – and at 800 MS points, it’s a bargain for the amount of levels found within the game. Although it has multiplayer included, don’t expect to see that many players online – having left the lobby screen on for just over 1hr I was able to find just one other player, but if you have extra controllers in the house this is going to be one of those games great for the kids to play on.

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