Call of Duty – A New Era Teased Prior To Official Reveal

call of duty 2014

There is no denying that the past two games in the Call of Duty franchise, “Black Ops II” and “Ghosts” have been not quite up to the standards of their predecessors in CoD history, and for 2014 it looks like something new is brewing! A new era that hopefully delivers an intense and engaging experience for our new shiny next-gen consoles is soon to be unveiled.

The official website is displaying a countdown timer until May 4th 2014 at 10am UK time; that’s not all that long to wait, but like previous years could be a campaign tease and name reveal with more multiplayer details to be announced closer to E3 (but before the end of May).

Is this the Modern Warfare prequel that focusses on a major character which has been rumoured in the past, or is this “Modern Warfare 4” which Billy Murray discussed on a plane – or something new altogether with Sledgehammer Games securing their own story and individual take on the Call of Duty gaming phenomenon with a Future Warfare theme?

GameInformer has teased an image too today as shown below and is the first screenshot taken from within the game. More to be revealed in their June issue.


When official announcements are in – we’ll keep you posted.

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