Call of Duty: ELITE Content Drop 3 Trailer

With Cupid done shooting his arrows for another year, it’s your time to head online and shoot your way back into manhood with the Call of Duty: ELITE Content Drop 3,”Overwatch.” Overwatch is a frantic multi-floor-frag-fest 70 stories up with views to match; it’s all you could want to cure that V-Day hangover. Live the good life on a New York high-rise and dominate all who come against you in the all new vertigo inducing environment; rule the world from the highest multiplayer map Call of Duty has ever seen.

Overwatch, the new Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer map, is available 21st February on Xbox Live for Call of Duty ELITE Premium members. Premium Call of Duty ELITE members receive new Call of Duty: MW3 content every month of the season for their platform for nine months. Non-premium Call of Duty ELITE members can still look forward to new content with Modern Warfare 3 Content Collections, including maps, modes and other features previously released through content drops.

Stay tuned for more details on the first Call of Duty: MW3 Content Collection, available for purchase in March for Xbox Live users.

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