Call of Duty ELITE Founders Get Christmas Bonus

Beachhead Studio and the Call of Duty ELITE Team have given out a very welcomed gift to all those with early ELITE Founder status over the holidays, check your emails now if you think you qualify!

As a thank you for being a Premium member of Call of Duty ELITE and because you were among the first to join, the team have provide you with a special gift to use in Call of Duty: MW3 during the holidays: an additional two hours of Double XP and a Prestige Token. It’s their way of thanking you for being with them at the beginning, and to wish you a happy holidays.

You should check your emails to see if you have been notified or pop on MW3 to see if you have the XP icon when in Multiplayer. You can also use your Prestige Token to unlock an additional 2hrs of Double XP boosting it up to 4hrs worth – combined with the new DropZone Playlist which seems to reward an awful lot of points per match, you are sure to Prestige if you put the effort in…

…what a great gift!

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