Call of Duty: Future Warfare – Will it Happen?

Call of Duty: Future Warfare – Will it Happen?


Activision’s Call of Duty is the phenomenon that raised the bar for first person shooters on a home console and without its success you might not be playing many of its rival games with their aim to take a stake in the market share – otherwise known as piggybacking off the success of others! It’s quite a logical concept to assume that the popularity of EA’s Battlefield franchise is largely down to Call of Duty gamer’s and their love of first person shooters; whilst you have the war against realism and tactics (Battlefield) with casual and frantic (Call of Duty) where a minority is likely to stick to just one of the two and never touch the other, Call of Duty is the widely known and most played first person shooter in the world racking in more than 100 Million copies sold as at 2011. You might be surprised to learn that there is a Call of Duty title to date on around 18 different platforms including mobile devices.

Without World War II, there wouldn’t have been a Call of Duty since it’s original gameplay was based on various parts of the World War II era taking players to fight in Russia, France and Japan through it’s 1940’s chapters. With developers Infinity Ward, Spark Unlimited and Grey Matter Interactive (who merged into Treyarch) allowing us to fight freely as soldiers during this time – founding developers Infinity Ward had idea’s to take the franchise to a whole new level completely. In 2007 a Modern Warfare was born, a whole new fictional war with iconic characters that changed the face of Call of Duty forever; it attracted millions of new players and is considered to be the best game in the series. Following its release World War II was on its last legs with Treyarch’s Call of Duty: World at War, and then the franchise has broken off into different directions.


Currently, we have Modern Warfare, Black Ops and Ghosts as the new three main Call of Duty era’s. Modern Warfare is undoubtedly on its deathbed having had three titles already released in that fictional war period with possibly a fourth and final swan song yet to be announced. Modern Warfare 4 could come this year from Sledgehammer Games and finalise the Modern Warfare franchise, leading it to its grave with an almighty finale. First outed by the voice of Captain Price in 2012, the development of Modern Warfare 4 has neither been confirmed or denied. Other Modern Warfare rumours has suggested a game that takes players right back to the beginning and see the whole war from a different viewpoint as players re-visit key areas.

Unfortunately Call of Duty: Ghosts 2 has already been confirmed from Infinity Ward, one of the most lack lustre and plain campaigns in the whole series is set to return so this almost all but confirms their departure from the Modern Warfare franchise. Treyarch, whilst their next title will not ship until 2015, it is unlikely to be Modern Warfare related and no surprises for Black Ops 3, as per Modern Warfare it is a successful branch on the Call of Duty tree that need not die off just yet. Sledgehammer Games will release a next-gen focussed Call of Duty this year, but if it is not the obvious (Modern Warfare 4) they could surprise with something the world forgot about from around four years ago…

… Call of Duty: Future Warfare!


A rampant halo-esque sci-fi Call of Duty that takes gamers into space and perhaps other planets! Fighting a war against two factions from different worlds or maybe just to defend the Earth from UFO’s – who knows! What is certain is that Activision continue to renew the domain name and although it links to no hosted website, it does go to prove that a future based warfare game is or could be on the cards for a later date. Sledgehammer games could start their own story franchise within the Call of Duty universe to allow them to develop a new game in its own right instead of visiting the past with Infinity Wards Modern Warfare (although they helped ship Modern Warfare 3) and nothing is ever like a new console to ship a new IP.

When Sledgehammer Games finally reveal this years Call of Duty – we’ll keep you posted. Going on past examples expect more details around April/May time which will come sooner than you think and we can all forget that Call of Duty: Ghosts doesn’t exist!

Does anyone still remember this GDC 2013 Teaser?

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