Call of Duty: Ghosts – Destructible Environments and Interactive Traps


Activision has just finally got around to making the worst kept secret of 2013 official. Call of Duty: Ghosts has been announced, but not properly unveiled until the launch of the next-gen Xbox console from Microsoft on the same day – May 21st 2013.

Asda however, have come forward with a pre-order incentive in the UK and popular video game site Digital Spy has given detail as what to expect in this years addition to the multi-million selling first person shooter franchise.


“Call of Duty: Ghosts will allegedly take place in the future, but utilise current technology and weapons in line with a “major plot event”. The single-player campaign is said to include more destructible environments, with multiplayer maps featuring interactive areas and traps.”

Asda has stocked up ahead of the pre-order launch to meet public demand and ensure customers avoid disappointment. We’re just assuming some people would rather not pre-order a 360 copy right now until the next Xbox has been announced – save’s cancelling and re-ordering?

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