Calling all FPS Snipers, you are needed on the battlefield


NightGames is hosting a 10 mile obstacle course race in complete darkness, with the course being filled with obstacles such as jet fulled wind turbines, barbed wire and ice skips.

They are looking to hire a sniper to be concealed along the sniper portion of the course with a state of the art paintball gun, military grade night vision goggles and shoot glow in the dark paintballs at the running targets. A total of 5 snipers will be hidden and tactically positioned in the section. The newly appointed sniper will undergo expert training on how to hit moving target and the art of concealment from ex-SAS Marksmen.

The successful sniper will be paid £150 an hour, with travel expenses covered as well. The successful applicant will be assessed by a trainer on the day of the event verifying the sniper’s hit rate, and will also be further incentivised should they manage to successfully shoot more than 80% of the racers, unlocking a £1,000 ‘Supersniper’ achievement bonus.

Shortlisting ends Feburary 6th and over 18s are encouraged to apply,  Read up on the event right here. The first race is on Saturday April 16th at Deene Park, Northamptonshire, feel like signing up for the running part? volunteers are always welcome and can sign up here! See you there soldiers.


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