Calling UK Gaming Geeks – Apply To Be on TV


Think of yourself as a little bit of a nerd? Do your friends and family call you a hermit or a boring wanker; and that you only have one thing on the brain – your Kill Death Ratio? Now could be the time to step up and prove that your passion for gaming and perhaps geeky things too could win you something rather huge…

Objective Productions – the makers of Peep Show, The Cube and Fresh Meat – need GEEKY CONTESTANTS for a fun new series for a major UK broadcaster. In a celebration of all things NERDY from science through to superheroes; the UK’s biggest brains will be pitted against each other in battles of skill and wit. Only one will win the title of Britain’s Greatest Geek and with that a life-changing prize.

If this sounds like you, or someone you know, please email for an application form to: or call 020 7202 2309 right now!

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