Capcom’s Remember Me Gets An E-Book Prequel

Capcom’s Remember Me Gets An E-Book Prequel

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Following on from the recent release of Remember Me, Capcom have teamed up with British author Scott Harrison and Orb Entertainment, to bring a brand new eBook adventure to market. Set several months before the events of the game, this eBook story takes readers on an action packed adventure with Nilin, a former elite memory hunter who has the unique ability to break into people’s minds and memories.

When a series of devastating bomb blasts rock Neo-Paris, former memory-hunter turned Errorist, Trix is blamed and it is reported that she was acting on orders from the Errorist group – a supposed ‘first in a series of decisive blows’ against the Memorize Corporation. In response, a S.A.B.R.E force squadron is mobilised for a retaliatory assault into Slum 404. However, before her arrest she manages to send a coded signal back to the Errorists. Unable to decode the warning, Nilin visits the Architect, an aging tech expert, who is her only hope. reviewed Remember Me (Xbox 360) and scored it 8.5/10:

Remember Me deserves success, although it is not by any means perfect – but it’s action packed lengthy campaign is an entertaining journey where remixing memories can change the world. As a brand new IP it may have a familiarity to its gameplay as per some other titles on the market, but its futuristic cyberpunk settings and stunning vision of 2084 allows the game to be something original in its own right complimented by its unique take on memory control, theft and combo combat action.

The Remember Me: The Pandora Archive eBook is available to download now across Europe and North America.