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Sparkle 2 review

Remember those happy days in the playground playing marbles, making sure every shot counted, with the goal of staying alive and being champion, well welcome to Sparkle 2. You’re welcomed to the game with what can only be described as a bright colourful splash screen and music that could have come straight out of a […]

Oxenfree review

Oxenfree had me intrigued at the beginning, hooked after an hour and left me with a big smile on face as the credits began to roll. The game is a relatively short one, my first playthrough was around 6 hours, but I’ll be going back to play again as I have some unfinished business. Oxenfree […]

Albedo Eyes from Outer Space review

Z4GO is the man behind the reins of the latest Sci-fi thriller to hit Xbox One. Taking inspiration from 60s Sci-fi, Albedo Eyes from Outer Space is a peculiar game with some odd design direction but is enough of a challenge to hold your attention for around six hours. You play as beer loving night […]

Rebel Galaxy review

Rebel Galaxy has a lot of personality. There’s character behind its art style; an aesthetic that’s visually pleasing, impressive, vibrant, and not at all based on reality. And indeed it’s this character that’s present throughout this open-world space exploration title that makes it so engaging and unique, allowing it to stand toe to toe with […]

G Prime: Into the Rain review

Usually when you start a new game, you have a bit of an idea on what it could be about and what type of experience you’ll have when you start playing it. With G Prime: Into the Rain, I was confused from the outset. Described by the developers, Soma Games, as a ‘Steampunk Slingshot Puzzler […]

Gemini: Heroes Reborn review

Set in the Heroes universe, Gemini Heroes Reborn puts you in the shoes of a young girl named Cassandra. The story begins with but a mere thread of a storyline – breaking into a dilapidated underground facility, Cassandra is looking for answers to her past but when her best friend is taken captive. A power to control […]

Unepic review

Daniel is having a bad day. A very bad day. One minute he was with his friends drinking beer and playing Dungeons & Dragons, (albeit badly), and the next moment, while relieving himself in the toilet, he has been transported from his world to the castle of Harnakon. Groping his way forward using only the […]

Resident Evil Zero HD Remaster review

The Resident Evil series’ evolution towards action hasn’t gone down well with long-time fans who enjoyed the much slower pace and scarier atmosphere of the original titles. Fortunately, however, the Nintendo Gamecube gave rise to the reincarnation of that original design philosophy, as well as the re-emergence of the original Resident Evil, complete with fancy […]

Hyper Void review

The humble shoot ‘em up has been a mainstay of the gaming catalogue since gaming was conceived. If you haven’t played a shoot ‘em up, then you’ve either only just picked up a controller, or you’ve been living under a rock for the last 30 years. There have been some graphically amazing shooters over those […]

Beatsplosion for Kinect Review

I imagine that like me, most of you had a great Christmas. You probably got some great presents (and maybe some socks) and you probably ate and drank way too much. New Year came along and all of a sudden your scales groaned as you stood on them for the first time. At that point […]