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Star Wars: The Force Awakens Zen Pinball review

The latest pinball table pack from Zen Studios focuses on the latest Star Wars film, the Force Awakens, and delivers not one but two tables based on the blockbuster: Might of the First Orders and The Force Awakens, with the former focusing on the dark side and Kylo Ren and the latter on the light […]

The Banner Saga review

With its ‘choose your own adventure’ decision options, a Disney meets Don Bluth 2D art style, European medieval fantasy setting and intuitive yet tactically deep combat, The Banner Saga is primed to immerse you for hours on end. Moreover, its many branching paths means each playthrough spins its own unique tale in a world where […]

Assassin’s Creed Chronicles India review

Assassin’s Creed went in a new gameplay direction for its Chronicles series – a 2.5D platformer wrapped in Assassin’s Creed mechanics that played like a modern-day version of the original Prince of Persia. India is the setting for the latest episode in the three-part chronicle – the perfect place for a spiritual successor to the two-dimensional […]

Lovely Planet review

Lovely Planet from QuickTequila and TinyBuild Games can best be described as a twitch shooter, but to limit it to such is to do it an injustice.  With a somewhat minimalistic story, it falls on the other components with which to endear itself to you. The overall premise is decidedly simple. Make it to the […]

Cubot: The Complexity of Simplicity review

Minimalistic, strong, vibrant graphic design makes Cubot a relaxing yet challenging puzzle game. Suited to smart phones, the cube puzzler works just as well on console and shouldn’t be dismissed just because it can be found on various smart phone stores and at £1.59 it’s only a fraction more expensive on console, unlike some other […]

Chivalry: Medieval Warfare review

2015 has been the year of the remaster, some have been brilliant, bringing back games that deserved to entertain Xbox One fans new and old. There have also been some remastered that really felt like cash-ins, unfortunately this is one of those games. Chivalry was originally released on the PC and got a fantastic reception […]

Xbox One Elite Controller review

SCUF has been one heck of a success story, producing modified controllers that allow gamers to keep their thumbs on the sticks while still having full control over the face button. A paddle system configured to the A, B, X or Y is positioned underneath the controller so that your resting fingers can work them, […]

Baseball Riot Review

Baseball Riot has 10tons Ltd iterate on their already tried and tested formula of physics based puzzling.  You take on the role of Gabe Carpaccio who, after a baseball to the knee injury, is forced to retire. Now resigned to running a rather dismal second-hand sports equipment emporium, you are forced to endure further humiliation […]

Starpoint Gemini 2 review

Space. The final frontier. Or so they say. We’ve seen the release of the legend that is Frontier: Dangerous in the last few months. Could Starpoint Gemini 2 hope to achieve what Braben’s space behemoth has already? Little Green Men Games’ first foray onto the Xbox One is a space-exploring, trading battler with an engaging […]

The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing review

The story of Van Helsing is a curious one. Originally created by Bram Stoker as the nemesis to the infamous vampire, Dracula, Van Helsing has gone from a mild-mannered doctor who liked the odd steak to full-blown, all action monster hunter who tackles everything in his path. It’s no real surprise then that the character […]