During December last year, Deep Silver released an interactive video for the action-adventure/puzzle mix Catherine. With this video Deep Silver asked which relationship type the users are – would they rather prefer the seductress Catherine or the protagonist Vincent’s long-time girlfriend Katherine?

Now the decision has been made – with a clear 59%, Europe has chosen Vincent’s girlfriend, Katherine!

What will be your choice? Decide for yourself with the release of the game tomorrow!

Catherine will be released on February 10, 2012 in PAL territories. A limited “Stray Sheep Edition” (containing the Rave-T-Shirt that Vincent wears in the game, two Stray Sheep bar-themed coasters, a Catherine poster that is exclusively available in this edition, all served in a pizza delivery box from the Stray Sheep Bar as packaging) and the standard edition will be available in Europe.

The “Stray Sheep Edition” of Catherine will have a price of £54.99, the standard edition will be available for £44.99. Catherine will feature localised text in French, Italian, German and Spanish.

Look out for our review of Catherine soon.

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