CEX has online security breach and recommend password changes

UK gaming chain CEX has apparently fallen victim to a large scale online data security data breach. Last night, CEX contacted customers via email to inform them to change their passwords as their data may have been stolen.

It seems to only affect those who have registered and made online transactions through the cex website, and doesn’t affect those who have only registered in-store. If you received the email it doesn’t necessarily mean your data has been breached, but CEX has contacted as many customers as possible as a safety measure.

CEX stopped storing customers credit card information in 2009, but the hackers may have obtained names, addresses, emails and phone numbers. CEX is recommending customers change their password on the site as soon as possible, along with changing passwords to any other accounts that share the same email and password combination. Of course, if you want to be as safe as possible then you should have different passwords for each site you visit, and these passwords should not include personal data.

For more information of what to do, please visit the CEX website page on the hack.

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