Chivalry: Medieval Warfare comes to Xbox 360

Torn Banner & Mercenary Technology have finally published their previously Steam-only, online multiplayer hack and slash title Chivalry: Medieval Warfare through Activision on Xbox 360.

This 12 player, online melee gives you an idea of the scale of Medieval slaughter like never before. First person, full of gore & guts, it will allow you to dismember your opponent with an arsenal of over 60 implements of dark age pain. From battle axes to broadswords, longbows to javelins, find new ways of disembowelling your friends, and let’s face it, there’s always one you’ve been dying to smack round the face with a steel gauntlet, isn’t there?

You can also employ some of the more advanced seige engines and defence weapons from the era. Battering rams, boiling pitch, catapults & Ballista are just a few of the very latest in Medieval tech made available to you.

The game will allow you to switch between first person and a third person tactical view at any point also, to give you that bird’s-eye battle perspective. Army tactics and strategy should bring you that little bit closer, and if one team member is constantly letting you down, you can always make him a few inches shorter with a stroke of your sword.

So, have your squire buff your armour and sharpen that blade. It’s Chivalry time. Chivalry: Medieval Warfare is out now on Xbox 360, through Xbox Live, priced £11.99 & rated 18.

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