Coffin Dodgers coming soon

coffin dodgers

A few months ago, we brought you news of a new, wacky racer coming to Xbox One. Coffin Dodgers is the story of eight geriatrics, on a never ending quest to race around their neighbourhood. OK, so it’s actually seven old age pensioners, plus the Grim Reaper, but who’s counting?

Developer, Milky Tea Studios, along with Wales Interactive have now revealed the release date for this Mario Kart-a-like on Ralgex. Coffin Dodgers will see life in the slow lane become more than fast and furious as they race for their very soul. You’ll take on the role of one of the seven quirky retirement village residents. Each character will pilot a pimped up mobility scooter, armed with a variety of home made weapons and gadgets. These aid the rider in the racing battle against The Grim Reaper and his army of zombies to quite literally save their soul.

Coffin Dodgers will feature “Road Rash” style player-to-player gameplay with odd geriatric gadgets and wacky weapons. Two-to-four player split-screen multiplayer mode will allow you to cause havoc with your family and friends. Each character will be affected by proper ragdoll physics and their souped-up mobility scooter can be upgraded with modifications to suit your driving preferences.

Battle your way through the story mode to unlock and play as The Grim Reaper himself, all set around the beautiful and relaxing setting of Sunny Pines retirement village. You can also challenge yourself, which is like the way actual old people talk to themselves, with the 3D open world, ‘Crazy Grandad’ Mode.

Meet the residents of Sunny Pines:

Coffin Dodgers will be under starters orders on Xbox One on the 6th of May 2016, 3 days after the PS4 release listed in the only launch trailer available so far, below.

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