Custom Forza Horizon 3 Xbox done right!

Yesterday I posted an article about how bad the Audi R8 inspired Xbox One looked, if you didn’t see it go here. I initially thought car inspired custom designs just don’t work but boy I was wrong, so very wrong!

May I present to you the one of a kind Lambourghini Centenario Xbox One S.

custom-xbox-one-s-lamborghini-centenario-xbox-one-s-3-840x560 custom-xbox-one-s-lamborghini-centenario-xbox-one-s-4

That’s how it’s done, I love the design of this, the slightly raised top to represent the bonnet and make the logo stand out is a subtle and classy feature. It’s the little trimmings that stand out such as the yellow splitter on the side of the Xbox adds a nice touch, just as it does on the real car.

custom-xbox-one-s-lamborghini-centenario-xbox-one-s_2 custom-xbox-one-s-lamborghini-centenario-xbox-one-s-5

This Xbox is currently being given away as competition prize by Xbox Australia. All you have to do is buy either the standard or ultimate editions of Forza Horizon 3 from 27th September until 2nd October  HERE at the Australia Xbox Store (not sure how you would do that though) or go the the Microsoft Store in Pitt Street Sydney. I taken the liberty of sorting some directions for you here.


Ok Ok so we haven’t got even a sniff of a chance at winning this but still it is definitely a thing of beauty. Microsoft had this to say about the console

 “Much like the $2 million dollar car that inspired its looks and also features on the cover of Forza Horizon 3, the first and only Lamborghini Centenario Xbox One S is reminiscent of the Italian manufacturer’s striking design and state-of-the-art engineering. With its gunmetal body, matching wireless controller and signature yellow trimmings, the console truly looks as sleek as it sounds!”

I’ll let you make your own mind up, here are the 2 Xbox consoles side by side. I think there is a clear winner here.

xbox-one-s-audi-r8-edition custom-xbox-one-s-lamborghini-centenario-xbox-one-s-3-840x560

If you haven’t already got it then Forza Horizon 3 is out today everywhere, make sure you get yourself a copy to drive the real versions of these epics cars. Have fun.

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