Dark Souls 3 DLC available from Monday

Ashen ones, Praise the Sun as the first lot of DLC is available to download from Monday the 25th of October, however due to a “Logistical Error” all console players can get it from the 24th of October instead. Some season pass holders have said they already have access to the DLC and are able to download it today.  Giddens reported back in August that Bando Namcai had announced the proposed DLC, well for most it’s just around the corner and it looks amazing.

If you have never played a Souls game then you really are missing out, I’ve played all of them and failed massively at each and everyone, I love the games but just can’t play them! That doesn’t stop me from being excited when new additions are announced though. The Ashes of Ariandel DLC will feature some which include:

Above are links taken from the Dark Souls wiki page should you be interested. Lots to be getting on with…who knows, maybe I’ll give it another bash.

Official release date for the Ashes of Ariandel DLC is the 24th of October but check your store and see if it’s available now.


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