Dead Rising 3: Operation Broken Eagle DLC Review

Dead Rising 3: Operation Broken Eagle DLC Review


The first chapter of the Dead Rising 3 Untold Stories downloadable content has now been released on the Xbox One Games Marketplace. For just £7.99 the update brings a few nifty extra Achievements, new weapons, a new combo vehicle, a new outfit – and a part of the single player campaign retold through the eyes of Spec Ops Commander Adam Kane, who is on a mission to capture the missing President of the United States – can you handle the pressure?

To get the better deal for the Untold Stories of Los Perdidos DLC it is advised to buy the Dead Rising 3 Season Pass available for around £24 which will allow you to download the complete Untold Stories DLC packs (4 all in all) as they become available which will save you 25% in comparison to buying them all separately from the Marketplace. Each chapter will focus on a different character each with their own objectives to complete through-out the open world of Dead Rising 3.


Part One of the Untold Stories, Operation Broken Eagle is about finding the President of the US whilst on a mission to kill as many of his guards as possible. Your main goal is to find him for questioning with extra side missions that involve collecting the Dog Tags from your infected squad mates. There doesn’t seem to be any cross-over story from the main plot, and this first piece of DLC solely focusses on Kane’s reasons for being where he is at that given time in the world of Dead Rising 3. Gameplay is as you would expect to be exactly the same as if you were playing the main story, you’re in control of a character that must kill zombies, take charge of vehicles and be in different places at different times as per the requirements of the objectives. Operation Broken Eagle will last around two to three hours and is a fairly short DLC offering albeit maintaining the fun and thrills of killing a massive horde! It is fairly simple to follow and is jam-packed to the brim with zombies and action packed objectives.

A few differences between the DLC and the main campaign itself are that weapon lockers are no longer present – everything you use in game must be acquired from the section of the city you are in. Weapons lay on the ground and come in huge drop boxes scattered across roads featuring an arsenal of guns, explosives and Kanes trademark weapons of choice, the combat knives. Combat Knives are two knives at one time which slice and dice through the Zombies at a proficient speed with minimal effort. You will also find as part of the DLC story the need to control a new armoured vehicle known as the Armadillo which not only is a beast of a vehicle, but has a gun on top for shooting the Zombies as you squash them under the wheels. This vehicle can also be used in the main game and comes with its own blueprints.


Albeit a very short campaign, Operation Broken Eagle is a lot of fun and extends the mayhem from Dead Rising 3 alive a little bit longer. Unfortunately the DLC is a solo experience only and you will not be able to co-operatively play the missions with a friend on Xbox LIVE. It is a dark and gruesome story of survival whilst on the hunt for the US President. The plus side is that everything you earn in the DLC will also carry over into the campaign. It is a great addition to Dead Rising 3 with moderate difficulty that will leave you wanting more – and talking of more, Dead Rising 3: Fallen Angel DLC is the next chapter within the Untold Stories and we’ll keep you posted when a release date has been announced.

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