Dead Rising 3 Will Call You and Text You In Real Life

Dead Rising 3 Will Call You and Text You In Real Life

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Dead Rising 3’s Executive producer Josh Bridge told the LA Times in a recent interview about a cool new SmartGlass feature set for the Xbox One edition of the upcoming Zombie slasher – Dead Rising 3. The game is literally going to call and text you some real scary shit we hope!

“We have a feature in the game that essentially interweaves through the story and tells its own story with its own character,” said Bridge. “It’s as though the game kind of comes out of the screen and you’re literally holding it in your hand.

“You’ll get calls from this character, text messages and just additional game play from this device, which is kind of cool. We geeked out on it because it was cool just to have our phones be part of the game. It’s something we were surprised by, how many folks were really excited by that.

“It’s new for us as developers to have this opportunity that we haven’t had before, and now going onto Xbox One we had this. We tried to really run with it and tried to give it its own character, essentially.”

Source: OXM via LA Times