Dead Rising: Watchtower released on We Are Colony

It’s that time of year again where monsters pretending to be children ring the door bell and threaten to brutally maim you and your family… or they want sweets, I don’t know. I lock door, turn off the lights and watch a scary or gruesome film, ignoring the outside world entirely.

Well this year digital streaming site We Are Colony have a new release that’s ideal for Halloween watching, Dead Rising: Watchtower.

We reviewed Dead Rising: Watchtower when it hit Blu-ray and DVD and found the gory and energetic videogame adaptation to be an enjoyable if slightly flawed zombie flick. Now you can see for yourself whether it’s your kind of undead delight, by renting it through We Are Colony. Even better, We Are Colony also have some behind the scenes content for the film – including interviews, stills and making of documentaries.

With videogame to film adaptations so regularly missing the mark, Dead Rising Watchtower is absolutely worth a watch to see how tantalisingly close this adaptation gets to cracking that problem. The authenticity of Watchtower to the videogame source is excellent, giving fans of the games a great new chapter to the story and new comers an ideal introduction.

Dead Rising Watchtower releases today on We are Colony and can be rented for £4.49 or bought for £9.99.

Dead Rising Watchtower Colony 2

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