Destiny 2 – Month One Activities detailed

Bungie have released details of what the first month of the game will bring, apart from the awesome campaign and the race to be raid ready, which is the challenge that the majority of TiX towers are facing at the moment!

Week 1 is obviously taken up with the release of the game plus Flashpoint in the EDZ and Nightfall: The Arms dealer. For the uninitiated, Flashpoint is a weekly series of activities in certain destinations. Completing these will earn sweet, sweet loot. You will need to finish the campaign to unlock flashpoints. Nightfalls are the most difficult versions of the strikes, with modifiers added, for example, giving enemies a better aim, or making you deal more damage whilst airborne. Completing these will earn, yes you guessed it, sweet, sweet loot!

So, moving into Week 2, Nightfall is on The Inverted Spire strike, whilst Flashpoints are based on Nessus. The Leviathan raid launches on Wednesday 13th and on the 15th Trials of the Nine starts, along with the return of Xur! Nightfall Guided games also starts.

Week 3 sees Nightfall on Exodus Crash and Flashpoint on IO. The following week moves Nightfall to The Pyramidion and Flashpoint to Titan. Week 4 also sees the launch of Guided Games for the Raid, plus the start of a Faction Rally.

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