What Is in Your Destiny? New Curse of Osiris Information, Mainly

The hype train for Curse of Osiris, expansion one for Destiny 2, has departed from Bungie HQ and is on the route to launch – December 5th.

A huge shout-out to Mesa Sean for doing Cayde’s work and providing the Tower with the stream.

A brief rundown of what came out of the stream is below. To note, there will be a couple of addition streams between now and December 5th, so any information we have now may not be in full context – as is the way of the reveal.

  • Osiris will be found inside the Infinite Forest.
    • The Infinite Forest is a location that will allow players to venture to Mercury during several time-periods – The past, showing a lush untouched world, and the future (The Dark Future), showing the world around our own dying sun. There will be other time periods, too. The long rumoured ‘procedurally generated content’ of the Infinite Forest hasn’t been confirmed nor denied; however it was stated that different combinations of enemies and locales will be used each time you enter. This of course could simply be a small number of slight changes in group makeup, boss rotations and the like. I do look forward to finding out!
  • The story, reported to be around three hours (via IGN), takes place roughly three months after the ending of Destiny 2’s main campaign.
    • The release of the light from The Traveller is what has sparked the events on Mercury.
  • Ikora appears to be the main Vanguard present in this expansion.
  • There will be a female Ghost – a series first. Fail-safe just got put on notice!
  • Heroic Strikes are returning.
  • The raid content is a Raid Lair (not layer).
    • It will be a short experience, featuring new encounters, puzzles and an end boss.
    • It will require power level 300 – as will the current raid. So, sorry to a fellow contributor here on TiX – El Simon – who wanted to breeze through the raid at 335.
    • It will feature a prestige mode, new loot, and a lot of dying.
    • There is a slot on the raid screen for the second raid Lair in expansion two – due in Spring 2018.
  • Mercury itself will have feature the biggest public event to date in Destiny.
  • The Lighthouse will have a glyph area.
    • You unlock glyphs on the wall as you progress through story, both main and postgame, to unlock new weapon quests.
  • Brother Vance returns!
    • He will be an engram NPC, as well as have a role in the story!

There was so much to take in, but the gist of it is this – it is Destiny, with more Destiny. I look forward to the following streams, where I hope we’ll get information on quality of life changes – I am looking at you: repeat extoics and tokens. So. Many. Bloody. Tokens.

On a personal note, I am happy to be able to drop some WiiYD content again. Life as a Guardian has been trying recently, but the overlords at TiX have been supportive and have allowed me time to flounder in my own Vex milk. Drop them a Tweet, if you feel so inclined, and let them know that you love them. Or like them. Or don’t not dislike them. Your call.

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