Destiny: Rise of Iron revealed

The much anticipated, and for many much needed, expansion Rise of Iron has finally been revealed to eager fans of Destiny. After multiple leaks over the last day or two, Guardians across the world were finally able to see their first true glimpse of what is in store for them this September.

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Starting off with what was probably the biggest news of the evening, was the return of the often mythical but loved by many Gjallarhorn rocket launcher. Famously known for it’s unique tracking rockets with wolfpack rounds, this fan favourite will require completion of a specific quest to obtain. Those who preorder Rise of Iron will receive a special Iron Gjallarhorn, adorned in black, to show off to the other Guardians. It’s great to see something which was so loved, and almost unobtainable for many, to be available to all without having to rely on that dreaded RNG.

However, there was more to the reveal than the return of a beloved weapon, Bungie teased with some beautiful concept art, and actual in-game imagery, some of the new things Guardians will expect when Rise of Iron launches. Starting with a brand new trailer, viewers caught a glimpse of a new race they will be facing,along with a new environment to explore.


Rise of Iron will focus mainly around a new area of the Cosmodrome, based around the unexplored Felwinter’s Peak, which has been taken over by a new breed of Fallen. Augmented to the eyeballs, the new Fallen have grown into a formidable force, and taken over the frosty foothills of the mountain, and it’s up to us to take it back. Tucked away in an unknown location, a brand new social space will also become available, to those strong and brave enough to take it. Guardians will also have the Fallen-invested Plaguelands to explore and encounter the new Fallen adversaries.

Of course, as with any new Destiny expansion, Guardians will be hunting new gear to adorn themselves, including new armour and weapons. It was briefly mentioned that there will be significant light increase, but didn’t say by how much.

It was also announced that Rise of Iron will feature a brand new raid, new multiplayer maps, new factions, and much more. The reveal stream was little over half an hour, so didn’t go into too much depth overall, however they did state that viewers should keep an eye on the announcements at E3.

Rise of Iron will release on Xbox One and PS4 on September 20, for $30.

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