Destiny sets the mood for Hallowe’en

festival of the lost destiny

It’s almost Hallowe’en and as usual Bungie are throwing in a nice Holiday event in Destiny. Last year we all received three Jackolyte heads to use for 24 hours and today marks the new event called ‘Festival of the Lost’. The mood has been set in the tower with lots of lights, candles, candy and every other guardian wearing a mask, even Cayde-6 is wearing one!

Visiting Eva Levante will land you one mystery bag package and a new quest to go trick-or-treating around the tower before leading to more!
These packages can be bought separately from Tess Everis in the tower, each bag could possibly have the following contents:

  • Paper Glue x1
  • Jackolyte x1
  • Flight of Shadows x1
  • Skull Mask x1
  • Random Festival Candy x2
  • Paper Scraps x1
  • a guaranteed Random Legendary Mask x1.

These mystery bags are sold in a variety of packs at the following prices; 200 silver for 1 bag, 500 for 3 bags and 900 for 6 bags.

What mask did you receive? Which ones have you seen that you would like?

Happy Hallowe’en Bungie!

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