Destiny: Trials of Osiris secret area revealed


With the recent launch of Destiny’s: House of Wolves expansion, many Guardians have now flocked to the new player vs. player mode ‘The Trails of Osiris’, on the promise of great rewards and wonders. The new mode grants players rewards based on how many wins they can rack up before suffering three losses. Once you suffer three losses the trail ends and your ticket can be exchanged for rewards based on which tier you have reached.

However a hidden gem lies in wait for the true elite PVP players. If you manage to rack up the maximum number of wins (nine) without suffering a single loss you’re granted access to the Lighthouse. The Lighthouse is a new social hub for those flawless champions where you can relax with like-minded players and sip cocktails whilst overseeing the carnage you’ve left. (Well that’s what I would do)

In the video below, you can see YouTuber MrJonathannovak1 reach the area with a perfect score, and reap some sweet rewards in the process.

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