Destiny Weapon re-balancing update 2.0


When The Taken King is released this September there will be an update of epic proportions. There is a lot happening with re-balancing and it will again change the way PVP and PVE is played. Update 2.0 will be bringing us the following changes.

Auto Rifles will be receiving a much-needed buff, making them optimal at medium range and once again a viable option in PVP with an increased base damage and a 10% damage boost against AI. The Suros Regime may rise once more.
Pulse Rifles are getting a minor balance in comparison to what is coming so don’t dismantle your Red Death just yet, you will probably be using it more. Medium range of fire base damage will drop by 2.5% and a small reduction in base stability but will be receiving an increased magazine size for all base inventory stats.

Scout Rifles are pretty much fine all around but will gain a 5% damage boost against AI and increased magazine size for all base inventory stats while seeing reduced accuracy for final shots when hip firing and fast firing when out of ADS range.
Hand Cannons are getting re-balanced as a whole category, limited long-range lethality, snap shooting will be less reliable, reduced zoom and magazine sizes as well as an accuracy reduction in ADS. upsetting for me as I love Hand Cannons, my poor Fate Bringer..


Exotic weapons will be going through a range of changes, The Last Word was the fastest Time-To-Kill (TTK) primary in the game and will get a range of balances, as well as what other hand cannons will receive the Range will be reduced to 10 (was 20) Stability will be 20 (was 30) reduced range in ADS but increased accuracy and precision damage when hip firing.
Thorn, the one gun that has ruled PVP and Trials of Osiris in the most part will see a decline in its reign of glory, as well as all of the other Hand Cannon balances it will be receiving a reduction of Mark of the Devourer damage over time to 1/3 of what it was.


Ice Breaker recharge time will increase to 8 seconds per round rather than 1 every 5 seconds, Black Hammer will see an increase to ammo inventory (18 rounds) and the white nail perk will pull ammo from your inventory too which sounds very handy in the most part. Finally the greatest rocket launcher ever will be on the end of a tweak as the wolf pack rounds will cause less damage.


A full list of the upcoming changes to your favorite weapons can be found here. What are your thoughts on these changes?

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