Devil May Cry gets an Xbox One overhaul

Capcom have unveiled their plans for Devil May Cry’s entry onto Xbox One with a Definitive Edition of DmC and a Special Edition of Devil May Cry 4.

DmC will be released in March alongside all of its previously released DLC and run in glorious 1080p at 60fps. The Definitive Edition will also allow you to play through the “Bloody Palace” DLC as Vergil and take a crack at the game with three new modes that will surely test your mettle – Gods Must die, Must Style and Hardcore.

But wait, there’s more… new costumes inspired by the original Devil May Cry character designs are included for both Dante and Vergil. If you’ve always felt DmC’s combat was on the slow side then you’re in luck. Must go faster mode whacks the game speed up by 20% – can you hack the pace!

Devil May Cry 4 will be making its redux jump in the Summer of 2015 and at a guess it will also receive gameplay tweaks and include all of the previously released DLC.

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