Do DiRT Rally with friends


Codemasters are slowly revealing the main features for their incoming, slightly filthy racer, DiRT Rally. You will be able to take on the world’s best rally racers in motorised racing combat as the developer have unveiled the multiplayer features for the title in a new trailer.

The game will feature one-shot online events which give the player the chance to claim bragging rights over the best of the best and gain some in-game currency. There will be Weekly Events to take part in also. These will allow you to complete all available stages in a rally location. The Monthly Events are something else entirely. These are a marathon-like endurance challenge of epic proportions and will test your skills over 24 tough stages. Only the brave (or daft) need apply.

Perhaps you’d prefer to take advantage of DiRT Rally’s league system to compete with friends and rivals? Well, that’s also catered for. On, players can create their own leagues or join one of the thousands already created by the dedicated DiRT community. There will never be a lack of challenge in DiRT Rally as you can join as many leagues as you’d like.

Maybe you’d just like to have a blast around an FIA World Rallycross track with up to seven other players? You could take to the track in officially licensed events and experience the dirt, the gravel, the speed and the thrill of bumper-to-bumper racing in the world’s fastest off-road machines.

You can pre-order DiRT Rally here which will include the Fully Loaded Rally and Fully Loaded Mini packs, crammed with exclusive livery, cars and mechanic perks.

DiRT Rally will be released on Xbox One on the 5th of April.

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