Discord Extends Beyond gaming as Gaming Giant Raises $100 Million

Discord has assured its users of its desire to take its services outside the gaming community. According to the company, the move is in response to its users’ request for such changes. While addressing its users, Discord expressed its appreciation of the users’ patronage through its gaming service. It went ahead to explain that the changes were necessitated by people’s quest for a place they can simply hang out with friends and other members of the community.

If you’re unsure as to what discord is –  it’s an external social platform which allows gamers to use voice communication in online games. Discord has surpassed many other voice apps because of its innovation and has become a source of information. Players can easily locate CSGO betting sites and other games online, or seek help and support or report bugs for games in alpha and beta testing phases.

Many people want a place where they can spend quality time with others, learn something new, catch up with old and new friends, as well as share ideas. Because of that, Discord has risen up to the occasion and provided them with a platform to do this with ease.

The company has redesigned its website to reflect the new changes. The company describes the website as a place for gaming groups, school clubs, groups of friends, art communities, and an array of other groups.

The company has rolled out some plans to increase its site’s friendliness to all users, especially, non-gaming users. It intends to give users a better onboarding experience and give them improved video and voice chat capabilities. It also hopes to prioritize performance and reliability as well. According to the company, the interface has built-in references and jokes that are not targeted towards gamers.

You can get the summary of the company’s rules, data practices, and safety tips on its Discord Safety Center.

The company’s number of users has continued to grow in spite of the current happenings in the world. This is due to the increasing demand for video and voice chat services to help friends and family keep in touch irrespective of their location.

Discord will face stiff competition from Slack and other chat apps. Nevertheless, it currently has over 100 million monthly users who spend a whopping 4 billion on conversations daily. To expand its services, the company has recently secured $100 million for new features and accelerated investment in the company’s community.

As a part of its on-going efforts to increase its reach, the company has put some measures in place to put an end to hate speech among its users. Thus, it intends to develop new software it can use to manage racism and abuse while promoting racial justice by supporting organizations that are committed to that. Community activists and organizers can also enjoy customized services from the company too.

Recently, the company has also dedicated more time to its voice chat platform. Since the start of 2020, the company reportedly recorded a 50% increase in the number of users in the United States. His partnership with krisp.ai has led to the introduction of a noise-suppressor feature. Although it is in the beta stage, the feature enables it to detect background noise and remove it so that users can communicate clearly without noise interference.

In March, the company increased the number of people that can view live streams from just 10 people to 50 persons, thanks to the increasing demand for video chatting and live streaming across the globe.