Dontnod reveal Vampyr teaser


During E3, Focus Home Interactive announced a new partnership with the makers of Remember Me and Life Is Strange, Dontnod.

Called Vampyr, this will be a new role-playing game for your Xbox One. The game promises to offer a deeply immersive gameplay combined with an experience steeped in vampire mythology.

Set in 20th Century Britain, caught in the lethal grip of Spanish Flu , where the streets of London are crippled by the epidemic, violence and fear. The vampires emerge from the chaos, to prey on those too foolish, desperate or unlucky enough to become a victim.

You will play Jonathan E. Reid, a high-ranking military surgeon, transformed into a vampire upon his return from the frontline.

Fulfill missions, given to you from the multitude of characters in the game and satisfy your urge to feed. Be warned though, although all characters are potential victims, which should you choose? You’ll need to observe and hunt carefully. Watch how your intended victim interacts with the other characters in the game. Seduce them, lure them into a lonely alley, change their daily habits, just make sure you know what you’re doing as each death will affect the world around you.

The more you feed, the more you’ll unlock your vampiric powers too. These will include some melee combat powers and some ranged combat skills.

It’s starting to look a lot like Wesley Snipes might be running for cover.

Vampyr is scheduled for a 2017 release, so you’ve got time for a nice sleep in that wooden box over there.

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