Duke Nukem 3D Anniversary Edition coming to Xbox One

It’s time to gets some fresh bubble-gum and ass to chew and kick respectively, as Duke Nukem 3D: Anniversary Edition World Tour will be hitting Xbox One on October 11.

Gearbox announced the return of Duke Nukem during their PAX West panel yesterday, revealing that you’ll be able to play the game both it’s original form from 1998 or with updated visuals and a faster frame rate. Additionally, it’ll includes new music composed by Duke Nukem 3D’s original sound designer and new one-liners from Duke’s voice actor Jon St. John. Furthermore, you’ll be able to enjoy in-game commentary from the developer.

Gearbox president Randy Pitchford said:

for Allen, Richard, Lee, and Jon to all come back together 20 years later to bring a whole new episode to the classic game is just one of those rare and incredible things that I hope will bring joy and happiness to hardcore video game fans new and old,

So get those lizard skin boots shined and ready for alien ass kicking, soldier.

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