Dying Light Hard Mode Coming


Techland, the developers of the zombie hit Dying Light have announced on their official twitter feed that they plan to release a hard mode for the game. The hard mode will be the first in a series of free DLC that’s expected to hit our consoles around March time.

Hard mode, as the title suggests, will face the player with greater challenges than ever before in the game.  Fewer resources and supplies will be available, while stealth and silence will be even more key to your survival. On top of this chuck in the usual mix of ruthless blood hungry enemies and harder nighttime scenarios and you have a game mode that Tymon Smektala (the producer) describes as brutal.

Additional updates will also be included in the first content drop that are aimed to improve the general gameplay but none have been confirmed as of yet.

We will keep you posted as we find out more but it.s nice to see a game developer listening to its gamers and delivering what they ask for.

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