EGX 2015: The Division impressions

The Division plays super smoothly, combining third person combat, technology, cooperative gameplay and competitive multiplayer – that’s a lot for Ubisoft to handle and they’ve pooled all their knowledge and skills from their other titles to realise The Division.

Working with two other teammates, you must secure some loot from an NPC faction, with many other roaming factions lurking about the area. Should you engage them, they will attack you, and rather mercilessly too. As you make your way through the somewhat linear game space, it opens onto a plaza where other human teams meet head on – now it’s crunch time – do you engage them or work together to secure the area and escape on the chopper?

It seemed to be a blood bath on every game I watched and on the game we played, yep… I shot first and asked questions later. Signaling the extraction chopped means you must dig down and endure 1:30 minutes of relentless attack from gunfire, grenades and turrets from rival teams and the many NPC factions.

The Division


The cover-based combat is intense, and teamwork is the only way to win – there’s no room for lone wolves – that’s a one-way ticket to being dropped and forced to respawn, which makes you lose any loot you were carrying, forcing the whole process of extraction over again, this time with one of the rival human teams attempting to get out.

This was a mere taste of what’s to come when The Division launches in March 2016 and there’s so much more to this ambitious title – I got to experience a small dynamic to the game, which was super solid and nicely polished with graphics and textures looking super sharp.

Just from a small glimpse into the world of The Division, I really like what I’ve seen and played. Even though I have several questions about the gameplay, I’m super excited to play more when the beta kicks off in December.

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