Esper puzzles onto PSVR next week

I do love a good puzzle game, more so when it’s in VR and Coastsink Software are bringing their popular mobile VR puzzler, Esper, to PSVR next week and it looks like great fun.

Like something from the minds of Aperture Science Laboratories – it seems that you are cast into a whole sequence of testing on account of an unusual telekinetic ability to move objects – there’s the point of reason of context for PSVR. Essentially it’s a cool set of puzzles in VR.

“Esper is where the VR journey began for Coatsink and it holds a dear place in our hearts. Having Oculus approach us in the early days of modern day VR and trust our then small team to build and create an acclaimed VR game for Gear VR was nothing short of incredible.” Tom Beardsmore, CEO of Coastsink Software

Esper launches on June 29th, 2018.

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