Explore a naked frontier in Cosmochoria

Explore a naked frontier in Cosmochoria


Fancy being out in space in nothing but a helmet and your birthday suit? Curve Digital found that prospect rather appealing and they’ve teamed up with developer Nate Schmold to announce that Cosmochoria will be coming to Xbox One early next year.

The game is a procedurally-generated, part adventure, part relaxing space discovery roguelite romp through the cosmos. The only difference is that apart from your helmet, you’re in the buff. Your mission is to terraform a dead galaxy back into life and hopefully find at least some pants along the way.

Nate Schmold explains a little more;

The fans of the game have been asking me for a console version for months and it feels great to finally let the naked spaceman out of the bag. We have been listening to community feedback and have been tweaking the game here and there so you can be sure the console versions will be the ulitmate Cosmochoria experience.

The game is hand-drawn and promises that no two play-throughs will ever be the same. It has a fresh eletronic soundtrack and will offer single-player, high score gameplay with masses of space exploration.

The PC-hit will be making it’s way to Xbox One early in 2016.

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