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Road Rage

If you look at the list of games that Maximum Games have produced, you’ll see that it’s pretty impressive. From WRC titles to Sniper Elite, they’ve covered pretty much every genre going. They have a new title on the way, however, and it will introduce you to a time more akin to an episode of Sons of Anarchy than anything else. That title is Road Rage, and it looks amazing.

Road Rage is an open world, melee based combat game, on motorcycles. Set in the massive city of Ashen, players will fight for control of huge neighbourhoods on behalf of your biker gang.

The outward beauty of Ashen belies the dangerous underbelly of the motorcycle gangs that rule it’s streets. From the city of Chitaly to the suburbs of Ruscago, you will need to explore, race and battle for control of the expansive areas of Ashen. If you want to survive and advance from ‘prospect’ within your gang, you’ll need to be ruthless in Road Rage.

In the new trailer, below, for Road Rage, Maximum Games looks at the story involved, the environment and some of the missions you’ll be charged with. This gives you a nice overview of what you can expect when you’re initiated into your gang.

So, Road Rage will boast heavy melee-based combat racing that also promises an adrenaline-pumping motorcycle ride for all. Expect 42 story-based missions and over 50 side-missions as Reef Jackson, the newest member of the outlaw biker club controlling the underground in Ashen. Don’t expect limits in the game either. There simply aren’t any and it is all open-world. You’re free to explore, customise bikes and weapons and fight your way to be ruler of the road.

Road Rage is in development from Team 6, published by Maximum Games. Expect the gang to be unleashed on Xbox One, both physically and digitally, from the 15th of November.

It promises to make SAMCRO look like a knitting club.


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